Entertaiment 101


Entertainment is a form of art in which a performance is presented for an audience. It can include a variety of elements, such as music, dance, and humor. It is also known as entmt, which stands for “entertainment.” It has been practiced for thousands of years, and the key to presenting a good show is knowing how to draw an audience.

Shows that convey the right tone

Shows that convey the right tone have the power to captivate an audience. For example, a Mexican drug cartel show might have a serious tone. It could also have a ruthless, depressing, or indifferent tone, depending on the show’s themes. A show can convey the right tone by using the right adjectives. For example, the word “threatening” means different things than “indifferent.” To find out more about tone in television shows, do a Google search.

The director sets the tone of a story. A movie or television show can be happy, sad, ominous, ironic, or any combination of these. The director is the master of tone, and he or she has complete control over how the audience feels throughout the piece. A film’s tone does not necessarily represent the narrator’s personal opinion, as different characters can react differently to the same events.