The Daily News

Daily News

The Daily News is a newspaper published in Durban, South Africa, by Independent News & Media SA. The paper has been in publication since 1878. The newspaper is a tabloid format, with a large number of photographs and a small number of articles per issue. The person who selects the content of a newspaper is usually known as the editor. Depending on the size of the newspaper, the editor may be responsible for all content areas, or he or she may split the work between several subject specialists.

Until the advent of the Internet, most newspapers were printed on paper and distributed to subscribers. Some were a single publication for an entire region, while others were regional or national in scope. A few were specialized, serving communities such as business people or sports enthusiasts. Even now, some weekly newspapers serve groups as specific as a certain ethnic group or neighborhood within a city or region.

A typical newspaper contains a mix of general and local news, as well as opinions, feature stories, sports, entertainment coverage, and advertising. The local news varies by newspaper, but it often includes police and fire department reports and details about local politicians. Some papers are oriented toward a particular political ideology, while others are more balanced.

One measure of the health of a newspaper is its market penetration, which is the percentage of households in a given area that receive a copy. In its heyday in the 1920s, the New York Daily News had a 123 percent market penetration, meaning that the average household received more than two newspapers each week. However, as other forms of mass media became available, newspaper market penetration began to decline.

Despite this drop, the New York Daily News remained one of the country’s most popular newspapers. It won Pulitzer Prizes for commentary and investigative reporting. In its 20th-century heyday it was a brawny metro tabloid that thrived by digging into crime and corruption. It was the inspiration for the fictional Daily Planet of Superman. Its original headquarters on 42nd Street, designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, was the model for the Daily Planet building in the first two Superman films.

Until 2017, the Daily News was owned by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, who bought it out of bankruptcy in 1993 and sold it to Tronc in 2017. The newspaper has largely been refocused to emphasize its online presence. In its heyday, the News had a bustling and lively newsroom, which was portrayed in the film “The Paper.” That same newsroom closed in 2017 as the newspaper moved to an online-only format. The News’s physical newsroom is now a museum at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan. In the future, the newspaper will be edited by a team of writers and editors based in Atlanta, Georgia. The News will continue to publish on the Web and mobile platforms. Its print edition will continue to be published twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.