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Daily News

Founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News, the New York Daily News was once the largest newspaper in the United States. It was a tabloid publication that attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime, scandal and violence; lurid photographs; comics and cartoons; and strong political and sports coverage. It also featured extensive coverage of city news and gossip, classified ads, a section on entertainment, and an opinion section.

In 1925, the News changed its name to The Daily News and became the first American tabloid, a type of daily paper that was characterized by sensational news reporting and a large amount of advertising. By 1931, it had a circulation of 2,000,000 copies.

Its coverage of local and national news has always been very strong, with the paper frequently being cited by other news organizations for its accuracy and impartiality. The newspaper has a highly-rated editorial staff and is known for its high quality, extensive and accurate coverage of politics and sports.

The newspaper also has an archival collection that includes many original newspaper articles dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. These articles have been preserved and scanned in order to preserve the history of the newspapers for future generations.

As a member of the Associated Press, it publishes news that is sent to it by local reporters. This service allows the paper to keep in touch with its readers and ensures that it is always informed about what is happening in the world.

It has a thriving newsroom in Brooklyn, New York. Its staff of ten editors, six writers and twenty-six reporters covers news in and around the New York metropolitan area, including the surrounding suburbs.

The Daily News has a long history of publishing articles on controversial topics such as abortion, immigration and the death penalty. It was a staunch conservative and opposed the Vietnam War, but has embraced liberal political views in recent years.

Today, it has a circulation of 200,000 per day and is published by New York News Inc. It has a daily online subscription service called The Daily News Web, which allows users to read the paper on their computer or mobile device.

Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, the Daily News building was designed by architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. It was constructed at 450 West 33rd Street and straddles the railroad tracks that run into Pennsylvania Station. It is part of the Manhattan West development and is home to the World headquarters of the Associated Press.

It was a major source of news for New Yorkers during the Great Depression and was instrumental in helping to prevent the stock market crash of 1929. It was an early adopter of the Associated Press wirephoto service and has a prestigious photographic department.

The Daily News has a large, dedicated staff of editors and writers who bring the latest breaking news to their readers. They are the most trusted and respected journalists in the business, delivering top stories that matter to you every day. Their award-winning journalism and opinions are what make the Daily News a must-read in New York City.